A run for all – this is how Resia Rosolina Relay works from 2nd to 4th of October

Teams of 10 people, each running 10 km sections and a whole marathon in total.

The registrations for Resia Rosolina Relay, the great novelty in the Italian running scene in 2020, are open since a few days. Not virtual, instead it is a great event “on the road” which deals with liberation, union and friendship, after the difficult moment related to the coronavirus.

Resia Rosolina Relay, to get from the mountain to the sea, from the Resia Pass on the border with Austria in the Upper Vinschgau Valley to the Adriatic Sea in Rosolina Mare, following the course of the Adige River, from the beginning to the end, for 420 km.

FOR ALL – Be aware that Resia Rosolina Relay is not a race for ultra-marathon runners. In fact, it is the opposite. Anyone can participate; anyone can put himself or herself to the challenge, anyone who normally covers many kilometers, who has never gone beyond a half-marathon. Running four sections of about 10 km in two days is good training for a marathon in the next few months and can be quite easy.

Then you run together with your group and take part in the relay race where the team wins.

An adventure, a run for everyone, a safe run, because 95% of it takes place on the cycle path along the Adige River. A total of 420 km will be run day and night, starting in Reschen on Friday 2nd October from 4 pm and arriving in Rosolina Mare on Sunday morning 4th October. In short, each team member has to run four sections of about 10 km, thus covering the marathon distance over the entire course.


First, you have to register the team consisting of 10 people: CLICK HERE. Or, if you are alone and want to be assigned to a team, you can enter your data in the form provided on the website, or, if you are in a team that is still missing members, you can make a request, CLICK HERE

Resia Rosolina Relay is a UISP run. Anyone who does not have a Fidal, RunCard or UISP membership for 2020 can purchase a 12-month UISP membership through the organizer for the price of only 5 euros. For a membership, you have to send an email to tesseramento@veronamarathon.it.

  1. The teams will be divided into two groups of five runners on two vehicles, with each team determining the starting order of its runners
  2. The starting time will be determined on the basis of the team leader’s declaration, taking care that the slowest teams start first
  3. The first runner of the first team runs the first stage of about 10 km to the first changing point, where he hands over the relay baton to his teammate, the second runner, who has got out of the vehicle 1 and is waiting for him. The first runner gets into the vehicle 1.
  4. The second runner runs the second stage to the second changing point and so on, until the first main changing point, where the second vehicle waits for the start of its first runner.
  5. The fifth runner hands over the relay baton to the sixth runner, the first runner of the second team, gets into the vehicle 1, which then goes to the second main changing point at the end of the 10th stage.
  6. The sixth runner reaches stage 6 and goes with his teammates to the changing point and so on.
  7. This sequence is repeated four times; at the finish, each runner has completed four stages.
  8. It is important that no runner runs the stages twice in a row; there must always be a change.