RESIA ROSOLINA RELAY is a relay stage running event for teams of ten riders over a distance of 420 km from the source to the mouth of the Adige River.

Some important features:

420 km is 10 marathons, one for each participant. The Adige is the second most important river in Italy, it joins two regions – Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto – which have always been attentive to the development of tourism and the environment, it crosses five provinces and cities and territories of great beauty.

It’s an adventure!

It lasts 40 hours continuously, day and night. The full moon of October 1, in the middle of beautiful nature, completes the race.

It’s a race for everyone!

Despite the ambitious distance, each rider covers four stages of 10 km, with a rest interval of 90 km between each stage.

It’s a safe race!

More than 95% of the route runs along the cycle paths that run alongside the river. The unserved points are protected by the security service.