The race draws its reference from an event organized in Oregon US since about 40 years. In Europe there are some relay races, for Italy it is the first running event of its kind.

The participating teams are divided into 2 crews of 5 runners each, on two vehicles. Each crew defines the starting order of its runners. The departure time is defined on the basis of the team leader’s declaration, taking care to start the slowest teams first.

The first runner of the first crew runs the initial stage of about 10 km, up to the first change point, where he hands over the timing chip to his crew mate (the second runner), who has got off the No. 1 vehicle and waits for him. The runner who has finished gets on the No. 1 vehicle. The second rider runs the next stage, up to the second change point and so on. This is up to the main change point, where the vehicle No. 2 waits for its first rider to start.
The fifth runner hands over the timing chip to the sixth rider (first of the 2nd crew), gets on the vehicle  No. 1 which can then go to the 2nd main change point, located at the end of the 10th stage. The sixth runner reaches the change point on stage six and gives the timing chip to his crew mate, and so on until the end of the race. This sequence will be repeated 4 times.
At the finish, each rider will have covered 4 stages.