The regulations on sporting events in this phase of the pandemic, due to COVID-19, prevent or at least make it problematic for the organizers to do what is necessary to give the start to the runners of major autumn events.

This event has the characteristic of being able to avoid crowds while making thousands of people run: in reality on the course there is only one athlete per team, the others are on the means of transport, where they can climb in compliance with the regulations in force in Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige.

Departure and arrival are managed in a controlled and prudent way: staggered departures and arrivals in large spaces allow to keep the right distances even in the only moments of the group.


Each team and crew will be self-sufficient in food and drink and will be responsible for their waste.

The change points will be equipped with dedicated toilets for the runners waiting to leave and then for those who have just arrived, who then get in the middle of their crew.