A dip in the Adige, on the trail of a past in which water was considered a primordial flow that created the world, the source of all forms of life but also an element of dissolution

…Ora esultano l’onde

al guardo che si perde,

rispecchiando il sole.

Il raggio della luna

è cuna alla città di luci che mai riposa.

Adige verde

ecco una rosa

a te che pace doni

e la speranza induci

da Adige – di Ugo Mastrogiovanni

THE RIVER ETSCH – In the past represented as a huge snake, enriched by a number of small streams that mix their waters in endless meanders until they flow into the Adriatic Sea – today the Etsch reminds us of a spear thrown into the sunny Po Valley. The passages of the transhumance of the shepherds, legends of fantastic animals and immortal ghosts, have given place to the cycle paths that run along the shores. The Etsch will be a theatre without an audience, from its source to its mouth in the Adriatic Sea, from the Resia Pass to the beach of Rosolina through 420 km of nature.

THE RELAY – This is the scenario presented to the 10 participants of each Resia Rosolina Relay team, who will cover 40 stages of about 10 km each. A race that sees first and foremost the desire to share this experience in a group, that sociality that was so missed during the time of COVID19.  Team spirit, sharing the effort of everyone and waiting for the partner at the transition point are the leit motiv of this event. It is an absolutely innovative format in Italy and is based on an event organized in the USA for almost 40 years. The relay is run by teams of 10 participants, divided into two teams with five runners on board of two vehicles. The team dictates the starting order of the various runners, each of whom runs about 10 km to the first changeover point, where they hand over the relay baton to their teammate. This pattern is repeated until the whole team has run (fifth stage), and then the team is taken by the means of transportation to the second main changeover point. If this entire sequence is repeated four times, each runner

THE STAGES – From the sea to the mountains, 40 villages in the middle of beautiful landscapes, for every taste. The passages on the cycle path, quiet and isolated from the city centers, guarantee the social distance and absence of the public, as required by the health regulations in force in relation to COVID19. Start at the Resia Pass, passing the sunken tower in the lake, which has already witnessed a very successful running event, the Reschensee run. Accompanied by the whispering of the Adige river, you will reach the 26th stage in Verona, where the river was pushed to the shore after the flood, but is still the beating heart of the city. Arrival in Rosolina must take place within 40 hours and is therefore guaranteed with an average running time of 6.30 min/km. The team is invited to skip one or more stages, if they have a higher average running time. Teams that are too fast (under 4.00 min/km) will also be forced to slow down. The winner will be the message of friendship and the ability to run regularly.

THE ORGANISATION – The team must pay the means of transport and will take care of the security management and supplies of its crew as much as possible. During stages 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40, the crews will receive water and access to special resting places. The event will take place, for some stages, in the dark; the teams will have to show the obligatory material to run safely at night.

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